Dream of: 07 June 1993 "The Pond"

Some people and I were on a trip together in another land. The country reminded me both of Mexico and Iran. Carolina and Altizer were two of the people with me. We didn't stay in the other country long, only for the weekend. I had planned on doing some things with some of the people while we were in the other country, but before I knew it, we were on board a train headed back to the United States.

Along the way I had picked up a small animal which resembled a weasel. It was tame and was playing with me. However it soon jumped off the train. I pointed out to the others how the little animal was running toward a pond which had a spring with water gushing up out of it into the air. The animal jumped into the pond and began frolicking in it. I thought the animal would enjoy living in the pond. But to my surprise, the animal began running toward the train, jumped on, and crawled back into my lap. I thought I would keep the animal and allow it to live on the large farm which I owned back where we were headed.

My grandmother Leacy was also with us; I spoke with her about the piece of land which I had. I thought that when we finally reached the farm, I would a build a pond out in the middle of the woods. I thought I could hire Altizer to help me build the pond. He didn't have much money, and the trip had been very expensive for him. He had barely had enough money to go on the trip. I had already told my grandmother before about my plans, but apparently she had forgotten all about it. She seemed surprised to hear all about it.

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