Dream of: 05 June 1993 "Order To Set Aside An Order"

I woke up groggy one morning just as my wife Carolina walked in with an order which she had taken to the bankruptcy court to have signed by judge McGuire. She said McGuire had found something wrong with the order. When she told me she was going to change the order and take it back to McGuire, I said, "Ok."

When she had finished working on the order, she handed it to me to read. I immediately saw that the order was sloppily prepared, and it hadn't even been checked for misspellings. Carolina had also added some language about the IRS without even first asking me about it. It appeared that the IRS had filed a claim in the case for some unliquidated liability. Carolina had also had the judge sign an order denying the claim of the IRS. I told Carolina the order was no good because we hadn't notified the IRS first. She was going to have to take the order back to the court. I was upset with her having had the order signed. At the same time I was rather amazed that she had taken the order to the judge by herself and stood up in front of him. I wondered if the judge had known that she was my wife, and I wondered if he had been impressed by the way she was handling things. On one hand I was proud of her because she had gone to the judge by herself, on the other hand I was upset because she had done everything wrong. I told her to start looking on the computer for the form for an "Order to Set Aside an Order."

I wondered if the judge might start comparing Carolina and me to my ex-wife Louise and Louise's husband, Vernon. It looked as if Carolina would be appearing more and more in court, just as Louise did. I thought Carolina was very pretty, and she would make a good impression when she went into court to present orders to the judge.

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