Dream of: 04 June 1993 "Docket Sheets"

I was in a large room where bankruptcy court was going to be held. The place reminded me of a cafeteria, with long cafeteria-style tables arranged in rows. Judge Felsenthall walked into the room and sat down in the front. I suddenly remembered I had several cases which I would also have to explain to the judge today. However I was unprepared, and I didn't really know anything about my cases. I didn't even have my files with me. I also didn't have the dockets. I recalled the judge would usually go through the cases and tell us which ones were all right, that we wouldn't have to worry about. I thought I needed the docket page, so that as he read down the list, I would be able to cross off any cases which he said were all right.

When I saw an old woman whom I knew, I stood up, climbed up on the table, and walked across the top of the tables until I reached her. I climbed down from the table, and I asked her if she knew where I could find some docket sheets. She pointed to a table right in front of me. After picking up one of the docket sheets, I turned to go back to my seat. But I realized I shouldn't be walking on top of the tables. So I walked around on the floor to my seat.

When I sat back down, the judge began calling out the cases. I noticed one blond-haired fellow to my right was answering when the judge would call out the names of some of the cases. It took me a while to realize the fellow was Vernon.

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