Dream of: 30 May 1993 "Pawned Bracelet"

Yonis had a silver bracelet in pawn. She didn't have any money, and Carolina and I went with her to the pawn shop to redeem the bracelet. When we reached the pawn shop, I looked at the bracelet and saw it had two or three strands of silver.

Carolina and I left Yonis alone for a bit so she could talk to the people there, but when it started to take a long time, I went back to her, only to find her standing as if in a trance, as if she were praying. She was standing in front of a counter and some people were behind the counter. One was a short, black-haired Hispanic woman (about 20 years old). Since Yonis didn't appear to know what was going on, I asked the woman how much it would cost to get the bracelet back. I said, "Cuanto cuesta para pagar un pawn?"

It turned out the pawn shop had originally given $29 for the bracelet, but it would now cost $40 to get it back. That seemed like a big difference to me and I said, "Once dolares para ustedes?"

Then I remembered an exorbitant rate could be charged for pawned goods, somewhere around 240 percent a year.

Yonis had been hoping to be able to get the bracelet out of pawn and still be able to make some money on it. I was thinking of getting the bracelet for Carolina, but obviously I couldn't pay $40 for it, and then pay anything to Yonis. I had to stop and think whether I even wanted to pay $40 for it.

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