Dream of: 26 May 1993 "Battle With An Alien"

Several other men and I were involved in a lengthy battle with an alien being. Everyone with me was killed except myself and one other man. We were in a building complex, and we knew that two other men were also still alive, somewhere underground in another part of the complex. We wanted to try to reach the other two men and we began tearing up the floor so we could get down to where they were. We looked and looked but we couldn't find them. We couldn't even find the bodies of the other men whom we thought had been killed.

Finally I was able to feel a body lying under some plastic. When we pulled back the plastic we expected to find the body of a man. Instead we found the body of a little boy. We then realized the alien had left the little boy here, but had taken others. I thought, "That means he's taken the others alive to feed on."

I had a vision of the two men we were looking for, my companion and myself all locked in a large cage with bars. We were being taken away by the alien so he could later kill and eat us.

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