Dream of: 25 May 1993 "The Rescue"

I was in a large boat near an island. Some men had capsized near the island, and I swam out to see if I could find them. There was supposed to be 70 men. Some other people were also helping in the rescue. When I reached the spot, I began pulling the men out of the water, only they were the size of pearls. Somebody else helped, but I was the one who found most of them until we had them all. At the end we had 118 of them. We got them all back to the ship. I was very happy we had succeeded in rescuing them.

I decided to go on to the island. A woman (about 20 years old) with dark black hair had been helping me. When I jumped in the water and headed toward the shore of the island, she followed. I hadn't gone far when I realized a swift current was pulling me along. I shouted back to the woman to watch out for the current. The current was carrying me farther than I had planned. But it was taking me to the bank.

The woman reached the bank before I did. I could see a gray lion farther down on the shore. At first it looked like a statue. But I recalled that before we had been worried about lions. But this was the first one I had seen. Afraid that it might attack the woman, I hollered to her so she would see it. But the lion just sat there and didn't seem to want to bother anyone.

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