Dream of: 21 May 1993 "Bed Of Leaves"

I had moved into a city into a second or third story apartment. From a window I could see the street below. As I was cleaning up the apartment, I noticed that it was connected to another apartment next door. The wall separating the kitchen of my apartment from the kitchen next door was actually only a waist high counter with a top where things could be set. I could see right into the other kitchen.

Surprised to see a blonde-haired woman walk into the other kitchen, I spoke to her and she replied, "I'm homeless."

I gradually came to understand that she had entered into the apartment without authorization and was planning to live there. This could prove to be interesting.

A man also showed up in the next door apartment, apparently the companion of the homeless woman. He was also homeless. Both planned to stay in the apartment.

I seemed to recall that another woman was living in the next door apartment, and she soon also arrived in the apartment. It turned out that she was also homeless, and that she, the first woman, and the man were all going to live together in the apartment. They had simply found an empty apartment and were planning to try to live in it.


The three next door neighbors and I were in a car being driven by an elderly man. We rode out into the country until we were near a lake. I saw that just ahead of us the water from the lake was over the road. I told the man not to continue, but he drove right into the water.

The driver appeared to be a bit crazy. I didn't want to be with these people and I like to return to my apartment. But the man continued driving. I spoke seriously with him and I told him he should turn around and return to the apartment.

I saw a driveway of a small house where he could turn around. I could see some black people who lived in the house. When the driver tried to turn around in the driveway, he backed into a barbed wire fence and broke the four or five strands of wire on the fence. But he didn't stop and drove off without doing anything.


I was in a house where Ramey apparently lived, although no one was supposed to know that he lived here. In the room was a bed covered with dry, brown leaves. About a meter below the leaves was a half pint milk carton full of some kind of drugs. I spent the night sleeping on the bed in the leaves, and when morning came and no one had arrived, I thought I might be able to steal the drugs without Ramey knowing it. I thought seriously about doing it.

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