Dream of: 20 May 1993 "Chipped Tooth"

I was in a classroom with about 30 other people, listening to a male teacher giving us the results of a test we had taken. One girl in the classroom had done extremely well and had answered all the answers correctly. I thought there was a catch to this. Our class had the most intelligent students, but the girl had come from another class, and I didn't think she had had to answer as many questions to get a perfect grade.

As the teacher continued talking, I realized Conn (a former high school classmate) had also made a high score. She likewise had come from another class.

I asked someone if it were true that our class was the smartest. It was, but apparently some smart people were also in other classes.

A woman (in her early 20s) walked up and sat down next to me on my left. She was wearing a sweater, and she moved so close to me that her breasts were pressing against my face. Finally she backed off and said, "I'm sorry."

I said, "No. Go ahead. That's fine."

She pressed up against me again, got closer and closer until she was finally lying on top of me. When she spoke to me, I realized she wasn't that bright and not very pretty, even though she had an attractive body with large firm breasts. I was uncertain whether I should be closer to her. I thought if I did, the other people in the class would look down on me.

She pointed out that one of my teeth in front was chipped, and she said she was going to tell me how that happened. She began telling a story about how when I had been young I had been given a new bicycle. I was on the bicycle when a storm was coming. As she told the story, I recalled the scene when my tooth had been chipped. I had indeed been on a bicycle when it had happened. I was stunned and amazed that she had tied my chipped tooth together with a bicycle. I knew she wasn't getting the story completely right, but I still thought something extraordinary was taking place if she could get any of the facts straight without having actually been there.

As she talked, I wondered what would happen if I were attached to a very beautiful woman. I imagined a woman who resembled Boley (a Dallas attorney). What would people think if they knew I was attached to the beautiful woman, and then they saw me with someone like this woman? I was unsure.


The woman and I left the classroom and walked around until we met another fellow. The three of us ended up in front of the House in Patriot. The woman said she needed to get home, quite a ways from where we were. Many people were in the street, and I finally separated from the woman and the fellow. I walked down the street, thinking it would be best if I let the other two go on. Maybe they would hitch up together. I had noticed they both had patches on the rears of the blue jeans they were wearing, which indicated they were similar.

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