Dream of: 11 May 1993 "Auction Table"

I was going through a house which I had bought at an auction. It seemed as if the house were divided into two sections and I had only bought one section. As I walked through the house, it almost seemed like a hotel. Finally, I came to a room with several dining tables in it; a group of people was sitting around one table.

As I looked at the furniture, especially one particularly nice new-looking dinette set, a man spoke up and said those were his. Apparently he had also bought some things at the auction.

I accepted what the man had said and I walked on outside where a car which I had also bought was parked. I thought the car had belonged to the same people who had owned the house. I decided to look through the car and I opened up the trunk. Quite a bit of stuff was in the trunk, and I began looking through it. I found a box in the back of the trunk which had several things in it and I began looking through the box. I found some paper money in the box. It wasn't American money and looked as if it might be from Mexico. I knew I had other Mexican money and I thought I could add this to it.

I also found some American money and counted up about $75. I stepped back from the car. My father was standing there and I wanted to show him what I had found.

I walked back inside and went to another table which I found. I thought this table did belong to me. As I examined it, some people came in and sat down around it. A man sat down at the table and spoke to me. He wanted to know if I was worried about the boyfriend of a brown-haired woman. I had been seeing the woman, and the man thought her former boyfriend was going to try to hurt me. I wasn't particularly worried, but I listened to what he had to say.

I thought about how nice the woman was. She looked at bit like Mary Circle (a blonde I had met in 1980 in Chillicothe) and a bit like Mattox (one of my former bankruptcy clients). I recalled when I had first met the woman I had thought she was rather snobby and I hadn't cared for her, but after I had gotten to know her, I had discovered she was a nice person, and I was happy I was going to see more of her. I wasn't going to let it worry me if she had some old boyfriends who might try to cause me problems. I really wanted to see her.

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