Dream of: 17 April 1993 "Bayern"

It was night and I was sitting in the back seat of a van, returning home from a movie. On my left were a man and a woman sitting together, and on my right was another man. The man on my left was rather heavy, and probably in his late 40s. The man on my right was thin and probably in his 60s. Several people were sitting in the front seat.

Some of the people were speaking German, which was appropriate, because we were in Germany. I had only been here a short while and was staying in a hotel downtown, to which I was now returning. I didn't say anything to anyone, because I felt inhibited with the language. Besides, I didn't know the others; we were merely sharing the van together like a taxi.

The man on my right, like myself, had made himself more comfortable by slipping off his shoes. I enjoyed listening to them talk, because I liked the language so much. It would only be a short while before I would be talking German myself. Just being immersed in the language would be enough to enable me to once again begin speaking it.

I was happy to be in Germany and could hardly believe I was finally there. It seemed as if all my hopes had come true. I recalled having dreamed about living in Germany in the past, but I hadn't thought I ever would really make it. And now I was there. I was ecstatic. My happiness was however somewhat tempered when I thought of my father and my mother, whom I wouldn't see in a long time. I missed them. I concentrated on the feeling of missing them, hoping to live through it and put it behind me, because I knew I was going to stay in Germany. Weinstein crossed my mind. I wished he could know I had finally made it to the place where I wanted to be. I was somewhat nostalgic for the English language. I was going to be writing and I wondered if hearing German all the time would hurt my use of English. I didn't think it would.

I thought about Carolina. She hadn't come with me and I wished she had. I was going to contact her and ask her to come. I wanted her with me, but I knew there was a chance she wouldn't come. That would present a problem because then I couldn't spend all the money I had saved. I would have to divide it with her. But if I had to do that, I would just have to.

As we rode along, I scooted forward so my back wasn't touching the back seat. Gradually I began to feel uncomfortable, and realized the two men on each side of me had scooted closer together so I couldn't sit all the way back. When I finally pushed myself to the back of the seat, they scooted aside giving me room.

We finally stopped in front of a hotel and let out the old man on my left. A couple of women came out and helped him out of the van. Only then did I realize he also was just visiting the city. I wished I had talked more with him. I scooted over to allow us all more room in the back seat.

We continued on and I began to see the tall, snow-capped mountains which surrounded the city. Was it possible to ski on the mountains? I thought, "Bayern." I knew I was in Bayern and the thought of being here made me happy. This was where I was going to live. I resolved to begin studying the history of Bayern and learn as much about it as I could.

We would soon be back to my hotel; but since I wasn't sleepy, I decided to go out and look around the town, to try to meet people. I wanted to make as many friends as I could.


When I awoke the next morning, I knew I had been dreaming and needed to write my dream. I wondered if I should write it in English or in German.

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