Dream of: 10 April 1993 "Berlin Church"

you are your religion

My paternal grandmother Mabel, some other relatives, and I were in Berlin, searching for a church to attend. As I looked around the plaza where we were standing, I realized we were right in the center of Berlin next to the church with the bombed-out tower. I recalled having had a great affection for the church and having been quite moved the last time I had been in it. The church would be a perfect place for us to go.

I noticed a girl handing out flyers. Thinking the flyers contained a schedule of times for masses, I walked over to her, mumbled something about "mass" and received a flyer from her. Quickly looking at it, I saw that a service was scheduled to take place every hour throughout the day. Each hour the service had a different name, which seemed Hebrew. Since it was already 10 a.m., I thought we needed to hurry inside for the 10 o'clock service. I motioned to my grandmother, who was wearing a white dress and standing a short distance from me, to hurry up so we could enter the church.

I walked into the church alone and looked for a seat. The seats rose from the front of the church to the back, and it looked as if some seats were open in front. I walked down there, and saw a couple places where we could all sit. One place, however, looked dirty, so I chose another.

Once I was seated with the people in the church, we were no longer in the church, but were sitting in the middle of a street. A preacher was far off in the distance at the end of the street, apparently preaching. But he was too far away for me to hear.

I was preoccupied with a large dog which belonged to me and which was running all around the place. I finally had to stand and call to it. It ran toward me and ran right in front of a car, which barely missed it. When it came to me I held onto it so it couldn't get away again. I needed a collar which I didn't have. I was able however to tie some rope around one of its legs, but I knew the rope wouldn't hold if the dog tried to escape.

Dream Journal Commentary of July 6, 2015

A Western church will affirm both God and eternal life.

I have never seen the slightest iota of definite proof of either. Clear images of both God and heaven are utterly removed from my sight and I have never seen them with absolute certainty. 

The Dream Journal makes no such affirmations.

The preacher preached at the end of the street, but my dog ran free.



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