Dream of: 07 April 1993 (2) "Remembering A Dream"

My friend Wheat walked into a room where I was. He was smiling as he handed me two pieces of paper which contained a type-written dream which he had had. I was thinking I had had a dream the previous night with judge McGuire in it. I recalled I hadn't written the dream, and I wished I had.

As I read Wheat's dream, I realized it was similar to the dream I had had. That made me want even more to write my dream down.

I read the first couple paragraphs of his dream, but before I finished reading the first page, I flipped over to the second page. Realizing I hadn't finished reading the first page, I returned to it, but suddenly I stopped: I needed to go and write down my dream. I began composing my dream in my mind, trying to remember exactly what had happened in my dream.

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