Dream of: 06 April 1993 "Mexican Beach"

Carolina and I had driven a car to the western coast of Mexico, to a large village crowded with a surprisingly large number of American tourists. When we found the main street covered with water, Carolina and I climbed onto a small square board (on the water), lay down on the board, and skimmed over the surface of the water. We enjoyed it, even though the water was rather swampy and contained seaweed. When Carolina fell off the board, I had to turn around, go back and fetch her. 

We got off the board and walked on some streets. Much merchandise for tourists was on display. A couple hatchets were lying on the ground for sale. The handles were made of pieces of metal welded together. I thought they were interesting.

Carolina and I had never heard of this place before, but we liked it. We were surprised to see how many other Americans were here. The village was perhaps two kilometers from the beach. Carolina and I decided to walk through a jungle path to get to the beach. On the way I spoke to a man. I said the Mexican government didn't really protect its beaches. I said this was probably the only area where the government owned the land around the beach. I thought the government should own more of the beaches.

Tall green plants were all around us. When we finally reached the beach, I was astounded by the large spectacular waves driving into the shore. The water didn't look deep and people were swimming out in the ocean. I watched for a while, then we finally sat down at a table. As we sat here, a large wave came over top of us like an umbrella, then fell down on us. Another wave did the same. The experience was quite pleasant.

When the winds subsided, I stood and looked more closely at the sea. A small island was out in the ocean, and what appeared to be a path led out to the island. I thought I might walk out there, but I decided the large waves made the walk too dangerous.

Some small boats were moored close to the island. They looked as if they had been pounded together from pieces of wood and were only big enough for one person. They were interesting to look at, although I didn't think I would like to be in one.

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