Dream of: 02 April 1993 "Dedicated To Art"

I was walking around in a city in a foreign country where I was planning to live. Different languages were spoken in different sections of the city. I finally found myself in the Spanish-speaking section, behind some bleachers of a stadium. Below me was a fellow spraying water. A bench was turned over in front of me, and I held some metal plates up from the bench to keep the water from getting on me.

Finally I began walking around again, looking at the people in the bleachers. I began thinking I needed to settle down in the city so I could begin practicing some art. I was thinking of working on some art. I knew that time was passing and that I needed to start now and concentrate fully on the art. Whatever had happened in the past no longer mattered. But now I needed to work on art before it was too late. I needed to dedicate myself to art, and that was what I intended to do. I had some money which would allow me to stay here. I was looking for a place to stay so I could begin.

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