Dream of: 01 April 1993 "Art Posters"

I was in a second-hand store. Two rather attractive, black women (in their early 20s) had just placed a bunch of used books on a shelf. I began looking through the books to see if I was interested in anything. I didn't see anything intriguing, but I was surprised to see a rather large stack of nudie magazines. I didn't know such magazines were sold in that store. I wasn't interested in the magazines.

I also noticed some paperback novels with rather erotic covers, but I wasn't interested. As I walked to the front of the store to leave, I noticed some art posters. They were over a meter long and less than a meter high, and had black metal frames around them. It looked as if they were all the same abstract painting by Pablo Picasso. I picked up one and looked at it. I thought about buying one, but then decided against it. I went ahead and left.

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