Dream of: 24 March 1993 (2) "Fabricated Skateboards"

While on the Gallia County Farm, my sister (only about 10 years old) and I had gone down to the bridge by where Clarence Evans' house used to be about three kilometers from the Farmhouse. Once we arrived, I saw that the bridge was off its foundation, that it was just hanging there. I walked up to the bridge, which was raised up off the ground, and when I touched it, it began swinging. As it started to swing back toward me, I became alarmed that it might pin me against the hill right behind me. But I was able to get back on the road and get away from the bridge.

I now realized that because the bridge in front of the Farmhouse was also out, we were trapped up here and couldn't escape. My father was somewhere in the area, but I didn't know which side of the bridge he was on. All I realized was that he wouldn't be able to cross over the bridge. I decided that my sister and I should return to the Farmhouse, so we turned and headed back.

From pieces of the bridge, my sister and I had managed to fabricate what looked like skateboards, complete with wheels. My sister and I began skating on the skateboards back toward the Farmhouse. I was enjoying the ride. But at one point I came too close to the edge of the road on my right and I almost went over the edge into the creek down below. However I managed to swerve back onto the road, and I kept on going.

As my sister and I continued on, a boy on a bicycle showed up and began riding along beside us. I pointed my skateboard out to him, indicating how I had made it from wood from the bridge.

As we all kept heading back to the Farmhouse, I became increasingly concerned about both the bridges being out. I was unsure how we were going to get out of here. We might have to go over land back behind the house and search for a way out that way. I was also thinking that we needed to call my first cousin Ronnie, who was the county engineer, and report that the bridge was out. He should be able to tell us when the bridge would be fixed.

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