Dream of: 22 March 1993 "Feeding A Giraffe"

As I was walking down a country road, I thought I saw something on my left over in the weeds. After I passed it, I looked back and saw it was a groundhog. Wanting to go back and see it, I turned around and walked back toward it. Suddenly it jumped about a meter up into the air. It landed back on the ground and disappeared into the weeds. I walked back close to where the groundhog had been, and now instead of a groundhog I saw a fawn standing there. I looked around for its mother, but didn't see her anywhere. The fawn looked startled, and I was afraid it might run out into the road. Although there wasn't any traffic at the moment, I knew there would be traffic at some point.

I began inching closer and closer to the fawn, until finally I was able to reach out my hand and barely touch its leg. It immediately jerked away from me and retreated back farther into the weeds.

I finally decided to simply leave the fawn alone, and I again began walking down the road. However I was still keeping an eye out for the mother. I soon noticed a culvert, and looking down into it, I saw a dead, partially decomposed mule lying along the side of the bank, almost as if it were standing up. I didn't stop, but simply continued to walk, still looking all around me. Up ahead I noticed a bunch of trees and some movement in the trees. I kept looking until I thought I saw a giraffe in the trees. But it was camouflaged and I couldn't see it well. I kept walking until I was closer to it, and then I saw it actually was a giraffe. I walked up close to it and stood below it. On my back I was carrying a large sack of bird seed. It occurred to me I might be able to give the giraffe some of the bird seed. I thought I might hold it in my hand; but that worried me a little because I had heard giraffes could bite a person's hand. I thought if I tried to pet the giraffe on the nose, it might clamp down on my hand, and it might even pull off a finger or crush one of my fingers. I thought it would be better to keep my distance, and perhaps just pour some of the bird seed on the ground. I could already see the giraffe was starting to lower its head toward me, but I decided to keep my distance.

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