Dream of: 20 March 1993 (2) "Indians Having Fun"

As I was looking at a map of the United States, I noticed a road that twisted around the borders of the United States, beginning from the point where Texas bordered Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico. From that point, the road crossed the southern United States to California, then up the Californian coast to Canada. The road then continued east across the top of the United States. I was thinking of getting a car and traveling the road. But looking closer at the map, I noticed that in the area of Washington and Oregon, the road cut diagonally across the middle of the states. It appeared that there were no roads along the coast in that area, that it was just a vast area of wilderness. I thought I would like to go there. I also noticed the road passed over a dam in that area, and I saw the word "Alberta" on the Canadian side of the border.


I was in the wilderness area which I had been looking at on the map. Gradually some Indians began appearing from the forest around me. After several Indians had shown up, I learned that today the Indians were meeting to have fun. They had some round toys like Frisbees, only some of the toys had no center. Some of the toys were quite large, perhaps a meter in diameter. Perhaps 30 Indians were running around, throwing the Frisbees to each other. I finally picked one up and threw it. It wasn't a bad throw.

It slowly occurred to me that this was all the Indians ever did. They never worked. They just always played and had fun.

Finally the Indians went to swim in a large nearby stream. At first I thought they were taking off their clothes. But then I realized they were just jumping in the water with their clothes on. One tall beautiful girl (probably in her late teens) with long black hair stepped out of the water. I thought about going into the water myself, and I began pulling off the white sweater I was wearing. However I felt ashamed, because I had gained weight, and my stomach was hanging over my pants in front. I thought I would probably turn off the girl, in whom I was interested.

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