Dream of: 20 March 1993 "Ready To Face God"

My wife Carolina and I were sitting next to each other in the rearmost seats of a jet filled with people. As I looked out the window, I saw what appeared to be a map of the world, and I pointed it out to Carolina. I was looking at a continent on the map, trying to discern whether it was Africa or South America.


Continuing to look out the plane's window, I noticed a helicopter passing by and was surprised how close it flew to the plane. Abruptly our plane began making a rapid descent. We headed toward a stretch of highway to make a forced landing. Obviously the plane was going to crash and I would probably die. I told Carolina to prepare to meet God, and even as I spoke the words, I began mentally preparing myself. I told myself that I was going to die, and I tried to becalm myself so I would be ready to face God.

Just before hitting the highway, the plane spun around, clearly a sign that the pilots had lost control. The plane slammed into the highway and careened down the road. It looked as if the plane were crashing into cars, probably killing people in them.

To my astonishment, the plane finally came to a stop without exploding into flames. I reached for Carolina's hand and told her that we should hold hands no matter what. I was concerned that we might lose each other; I didn't want to become separated from her when we tried to debark the plane. We finally stood up and began walking down a corridor toward the rear of the plane. Since we were in the last seats, we were the first ones off.


As soon as I jumped off the plane, I realized I was only wearing socks, that I had left my shoes on board. I regretted that I hadn't thought to put on my shoes. As I watched other passengers walk by, I noticed that most had on their shoes. However I felt somewhat better when I spotted a couple other men in socks.


Kennon (a Texas attorney who worked for the Dallas/Fort Worth bankruptcy trustee's office) was speaking near me. He apparently had had something to do with the running of the plane. He was laughing about how he had forgotten to do something before the plane left, and how that thing could have been helpful in the emergency.

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