Dream of: 18 March 1993 "Top Priority"

Carolina and I were standing at a counter to receive our checks for the month for money which we had made from chapter 13 bankruptcy clients. The counter was a square with room for people inside. Bill Gray (an employee of the Dallas chapter 13 trustee) was inside the counter. Apparently he had something to do with dispersing the money. On the other side I saw Louise, also there to get the money which she had made for the month for her chapter 13 bankruptcy work. It looked as if I were going to receive $102,000 and as if Louise were going to receive $108,000. I was surprised I was receiving almost as much as she. I thought her business must have fallen off considerably.

I could tell Louise was looking at Carolina. Louise appeared to be interested in what Carolina looked like. I thought Carolina was pretty and I was happy to be with her. Louise was probably somewhat jealous by how pretty Carolina was.

As we were leaving, I heard Gray say that Louise still owed him one penny, because William Russell (an attorney who worked for Louise), had needed a penny for something. Louise said sarcastically, "Well, thanks for reminding me about that, Bill."

I couldn't help but laugh as I left. I thought it funny that after Gray had cashed such a large check, he had asked Louise for a penny. Since I didn't want Louise to see me laughing, I acted as if I were coughing.

Carolina and I walked out and boarded the car. As we drove along we talked about my dreams. I hadn't been writing my dreams lately, and I felt bad about it. Carolina told me that I needed to make writing my dreams my top priority and that I needed to start working on them.

I agreed with her. I needed to start prioritizing; writing my dreams needed to be at the top of the list.

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