Dream of: 06 March 1993 "Suspected Foul Play"

Carolina and I had crossed a field planted with a crop, probably corn, and had come to a small stream covered with white ice. Without giving much thought, I stepped onto the ice and made the half dozen or so steps to the other side. As Carolina waited, I looked around and discovered I was on a tiny island. I could now see that the stream passed both sides of the island and that the stream was likewise covered with ice on the other side. On down the stream I could see what we had actually been looking for – another larger island which was home to the Fort Worth Nature preserve. I pointed it out to Carolina. I could see a couple low buildings on it.

As I looked back at Carolina, I slowly realized that indeed water was under the ice, and that it might even be quite deep. It had been rather foolhardy of me to dash across the ice as I had done. It could have easily broken and I could have fallen through. Although I didn't think there would have been much risk of my dying, it still would have been a dangerous situation.

Carolina was debating whether to come across. I didn't think it would be a good idea, but before I knew it, she was standing at my side. She was complaining about how cold it was. I noted she was only wearing a white bra and white panties. She pointed out that she did have her gray coat with her. About that same time a car pulled up. Wanting her to keep warm and not wanting anyone to see her in her underwear, I told her to put on her coat, which she did.

By the time the car arrived and the two men inside got out, Carolina and I were back on the land off the island. It was immediately apparent that one man (probably in his late 30s) was angry about our being here. He had rough, angular features, and wore clothing that might be expected of a farmer. He spoke harshly and indicated he was going to have us arrested for trespassing. I asked him if he was the owner of the land and he said he was. I told him he could do whatever he wanted about his "damned old land," but that we hadn't hurt anything. I said we were headed for the nature preserve, and we had just wanted to see what the little island was like, which we had seen on the map.

As I spoke, I noticed that the back of my vehicle, which looked like a jeep, was open, and that lying in the jeep were a pair of dark green, military-like pants and a pair of black boots. The pants and boots were put together, and the pants were stuffed with something so they actually looked like the lower part of a body. I recalled that I had put them like that to use as a joke on someone. The idea was to have them stick out from under a car so someone would think the car had fallen on them. As I noticed the second man glancing at them, I hoped they wouldn't think there was anything suspicious about them and that we had been involved in some kind of foul play. Although it did vaguely seem to me that I had once been involved in some foul play dealing with a similar set of clothing.

I also remembered that I had a gun in my back pocket. The man said something about searching me. I wondered what would happen if I pulled out the gun and pointed it at him. It might only be considered self defense. But since it was illegal to carry a gun, I might have a problem.

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