Dream of: 01 March 1993 "Indian Language"

Another fellow and I were in the water in either a lake or ocean, waiting for someone to rescue us. Finally we saw two motorboats coming toward us. Both boats were being driven by beautiful women. As they passed, we both grabbed the same boat. We were both so happy to be holding on to the boat. I was holding on to the bottom of the boat, being drug along through the water. I was concerned by the proximity of the motor, apprehensive I would be chopped up by the motor if I slipped. Nevertheless I was enjoying the ride.

The boat passed by the shore of a lush, tropical jungle. We continued going until we were traveling down a small river. When the boat finally turned to leave, we realized we were lost.

We saw some houses on the shore. Looking closer at the houses, I had the feeling we were in a place called Newport Beach, where all the houses had been abandoned because toxic waste had been spilled and had made the area uninhabitable.

The boat stopped. The fellow and I let go and, along with the woman in the boat, we climbed on to shore. It occurred to us that we had left the second boat behind. I also realized the driver of the other boat was the sister of the woman still with us, and I said something to her about it. We needed to try to get back to the other sister, but it was too late we were lost.

As we walked along, the first thing I saw half submerged in the mud, was a skull. I picked it up and cleaned it off. It was perfect. It was made of clear glass. It was so beautiful, I wanted to take it with me back to wherever I was going. But at the moment we had more pressing problems.

I had the feeling that native Indians were here in the jungle. We were concerned they might attack us.


I was watching a scene where two men and a woman were lost in the jungle. They found a place in a house where they might be able to live. The two men discussed their situation and they thought they might have to live here forever. One man had been involved with another woman, and he said the other man could have the woman with them. But it seemed that perhaps neither man would have the woman, because it wouldn't be fair for only one of them to have her and the other not to have a woman.


I seemed to be watching a movie about a person who had been living for years with the Indians in the jungle. The person had learned the language of the Indians and later had written a book about his experiences. The beginning of the book talked about the language of the Indians and described some of the different sounds. In one scene, someone read part of the book to one of the Indians. It was interesting to see if the Indian could understand anything being read.

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