Dream of: 28 February 1993 (2) "Approaching Storm"

I was riding in a vehicle which resembled a bus, or a cart, through a large city street. A number of people, including my sister (only in her early 20s), who had two small sons, were also in the cart.

The city streets were in turmoil as people sought shelter from a violent approaching storm. It wasn't just an ordinary storm, but something of such a magnitude that it could blow away skyscrapers.

As our cart passed a sidewalk stand where candy bars were being sold, I thought of buying some. Everything was closing down, and it occurred to me that if the stand were destroyed, I could say I was the last person to buy anything there. Just as I reached out and grabbed up some chocolate candy bars, our cart turned over on its side. I fell on my back on the street, and stopped the cart from coming down on top of me.

I wasn't disappointed that the cart had overturned because I had been expecting it to happen. And now that it was on its side, I thought we could stay under it and use it as a shelter. There were about 10 of us altogether and we began arranging ourselves. The only thing I didn't like was that we were right next to a tall black building, which appeared to be the LTV Tower in Dallas. Part of the tower stuck out over the street and I was concerned it might fall on us.

My father was standing nearby. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black pants. He had black hair, was thin, and looked as if he were in his early 30s. I told him I preferred being out on the street to being inside one of the buildings. When he pointed to the candy bars next to me and asked for one, I handed it to him. I then crawled out from under the cart and stood with him. I told him I thought we were in a pretty good place because the black tower was the newest building in town. It probably had a better chance of not collapsing than any other building. However, if it fell, we would be crushed.

I stared down the street in the direction where the storm was supposed to come from. Behind a tall building at the end of the street, in the distance I could see a black cloud. I then noticed some red coloring under the cloud and hollered out, "There it is!"

I immediately realized I should not have hollered since I was unsure the cloud was the actual storm. I turned to a black boy standing behind me and pointed it out to him.

My father was still looking around the area, trying to determine if there might be a batter place for us. I thought it best that we all stuck together as a family. I told my sister to get her boys and come out from under the cart. We decided to walk down the street where there was less danger of a tall building falling on us when the storm hit.

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