Dream of: 28 February 1993 "Fabricated Charge"

I was sitting in an office which I had in Gallipolis. I heard someone at the door, went to answer it, and found two men standing there. When they began talking, I was unclear what they were talking about. Gradually they worked their way into the office and talked in an increasingly abusive manner. Finally I determined that they were police and that they were considering arresting me. I was unsure for what. It appeared they were going to try to search me, and they even told me to take off all my clothes.

A woman working for me was also in the room, and it appeared she was also going to be arrested. I was becoming enraged because it seemed the whole thing was just being fabricated by the two men. I finally told the woman to call my attorney, whose name was Bob Johnson. She picked up the phone and quickly got him on it. I took the phone from her and spoke to Johnson. He seemed calm, and he reminded me of one of my legal clients, Leroy. He explained that these same two officers had been causing problems for other people and that something needed to be done about them.

Once I spoke with Johnson, the officers backed off. They made some final threatening remarks, but it appeared they were going to leave without arresting me.

I told Johnson I wanted to meet with him the next day and we agreed to meet at noon. He told me his office was on the corners of Court and Willow Streets.

I told him I was surprised by the conduct of the officers. I said I hadn't thought it would be like that in Gallipolis.

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