Dream of: 24 February 1993 "Organ Lessons"

I was in a truck which my father was driving and in which my grandmother Mabel was also a passenger. We were headed into Kentucky, where my grandmother intended to have an operation on her eye. During the operation, a needle would be inserted into her eye. Painful? Surely the doctors would numb the area around the eye before the operation.

The truck also seemed like a van; a younger brother of mine was in the back. He was also sick and was also going to have to see the doctor in Kentucky.

We reached an area covered with snow almost two meters deep and the truck became stuck. My father got out to push away the snow, but since I was also feeling sick, I stayed in the truck. As my father shoveled away snow, I could see how deep it was piled in front of us.


As we drove along in the country, it began to look like spring time. On our right we passed a shop with wooden sculptures sitting in front. Some of the objects looked like furniture, some like works of art. Since the objects were so pretty, we stopped. My father, my mother and I walked into the shop and looked around. I saw quite a few things, including five or six old wooden organs similar to one which I had. These organs were in much better condition than mine. It looked as if whoever had made the wooden sculptures was also making the wooden organs.

I carefully looked over the impressive organs. They were all light-brown colored and were all of different intricate designs. Some even had drawers. I tried to determine which one looked most like my organ, but I couldn't remember exactly what my organ looked like. I tried to play each organ and they all played like pianos. The sound was impressive. The organs had peddles at the bottom, but I didn't have to push them. Since the sound came without pushing the peddles, I wondered if the organs were genuine organs. Or were they actually pianos?

When a woman stepped up, I asked her how much the organs cost. One cost $850. That didn't sound like a bad price since the organs would appreciate in value in the not-too-distant future; they would be a good investment. I didn't want to buy an organ for myself, however, because I would be unable to haul it.

My parents and I continued to walk through the store. We were about to leave, but I still wanted to walk through a couple more rooms. One room seemed to contain old furniture and some small, ebony statues, about 30 centimeters tall, which looked as if they might have come from Africa. Since the room didn't have much space, however, I didn't go into it.

My father, my mother and I continued walking while a woman from the store followed us. Finally I saw a couple old radios with brown plastic tops and sides. On the front, one had a mirror, while the other had a flowery porcelain design – a white background with flowers. It looked as if the price of one radio was $20. I told my mother and father I would like to buy one. I turned on one of the radios and it played. The other one wasn't plugged in, but I saw the tag on it said "two for twenty dollars." Thinking I could buy both radios for $20, I decided I was definitely going to buy them. They were very nice. I hoped the woman hadn't overheard me say I was going to buy the one for $20.

My mother was standing right next to me. I knew she was thinking since the radios were priced at $20, I should try to offer even less. But I pointed out to her the prices had been much higher and had been marked down. One of the radios had originally been priced at $169. The prices had been continually marked down until they were at this very low price. I simply didn't feel like trying to haggle for the price.


I was in a house where a large old, impressive dark – almost black – organ was sitting in the middle of the living room. An old woman (who either lived in or visited the house) gave organ lessons here. The organ was quite beautiful. Sitting on it was a list of names of the students of the woman. Some students were already accomplished organ and piano players. I thought the woman must truly be a master to be able to teach them.

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