Dream of: 21 February 1993 "Hot Water"

I was in the front passenger seat of a car which my father was driving about two blocks from the House in Patriot on the road which passes by the front of the House. We were looking for a house where, as I recalled, an old woman used to live in. We passed one house which my father thought was the house for which we were looking, but I pointed out that it wasn't the house, that the house was still a block away.

My father mentioned that he had had trouble getting the hot water turned on in the House in Patriot. I thought my uncle George was living in the House and therefore had been unable to take baths recently. My father explained that a local utility company was supposed to take care of the problem, but as of yet it hadn't done so. I told him I could file a law suit against the utility company – that should get their attention. My father seemed to like that idea. I thought if nothing else, the law suit would embarrass the utility company into taking action. However, I quickly realized I wasn't licensed to practice law in Ohio, and therefore couldn't file the suit. I thought of calling the utility company and threatening them with a law suit; but I decided I couldn't even do that because I couldn't say I was a lawyer.


I was in the House in Patriot. A woman from the utility company had arrived and was she was talking about turning the hot water turned back on. As she talked, she mentioned something about bankruptcy. I spoke up and we entered a discussion about whether debts to the utility company could be discharged in bankruptcy. I tried to find out if the company was a "taxing authority." I didn't know exactly what the law was, but I knew that the question of whether the company was a taxing authority was important in determining whether the debt could be discharged.


I was talking with Ramey on the phone. Since I was planning to stay in Ohio for a week, I had left Ramey in Dallas in charge of running my law office. He wanted to know if he should go to the creditors meetings that morning. Since I didn't recall any need for going to the meetings, I didn't think it would be necessary. After I had hung up, I began to wonder whether Ramey would be able to handle everything for a week. Many problems could arise in the course of the week; I felt somewhat uncomfortable about being away.

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