Dream of: 20 February 1993 (2) "Leaving The Church"

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I was inside a large church. When I had arrived, I had been wearing a dress hat, which I had misplaced. Before the service began, I walked into the restroom to look for the hat. I couldn't find it, but I did see a light blue jacket in one of the stalls. I picked up the jacket and heard some money jangling in the pocket. I thought of taking the money, but I didn't. I laid the jacket back down and walked out.

I walked into a small room of the church where a service was just about to be given by my old high school classmate, Dee Young (1952-1990), who had been training as a preacher for awhile and had only recently begun conducting services.

I had originally planned to stay a while in the church, but now I just wanted to leave. I walked out of the room and through some halls, until I came to a large room with many more people in it where a service was going to be given by a more experienced preacher. Since I didn't want to stay there either, I walked on through.

I was also concerned about some problems I had recently had with some black thugs. I noticed some black fellows were in the church, but I didn't know if they were the same ones who had been giving me trouble. I just wanted to get out of the church and not waste my time sitting through an hour long service.

As I walked out into the parking lot, I thought I saw some black men following me; I didn't know whether they were the same ones who had been bothering me. I was carrying a rather ugly, discolored brown suit with me. I hurried to my car, anxious to get away.,

Dream Commentary of July 1, 2015

As are religions, so are dreams, imaginary.

Just another point of similarity between the church and the Dream Journal.

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