Dream of: 19 February 1993 "The Omen's In The Nomen"

A classroom had been set up in the kitchen/living room area of the House in Patriot. Perhaps 30 people were in the class. A man (about 30 years old) was teaching the class. The topic of the class was a short story about four or five pages long which everyone was supposed to have read. I had read the story, but it had been several days before, and I basically had forgotten what it was about.

As the professor began asking questions about the story, I was interested in what was being said. But I was afraid he would ask me something and I wouldn't know the answer. He asked several people questions. Finally he called on Henry Kissinger, who was in the room. I thought the professor was interested in hearing Kissinger's opinion because he knew Kissinger was a famous person.

I began carefully looking at a list of characters who had been in the story. I realized the names seemed to mean something, there were hidden meanings in the names. I cautiously raised my hand, and the professor called on me.

I began speaking rather eloquently. I said I thought it was important for us to look at the names. I said, "As they say, the omen's in the nomen."

The professor shook his head approvingly. I thought most people in the room had probably already heard the phrase, but maybe some hadn't.

One of the names was "Felicity Felicitas." I said, "It seemed like the story was basically talking about happiness and unhappiness, how some people were happy, and some people were unhappy. This was presaged there by the names."

I also pointed out that another fellow in the story had been named "Felicity." But then I looked closer at the name and said, "No, it's not."

I saw that the name was written "Pelicity." I said, "But it sounds like the other words. There's some reason for that."

I said it bothered me because sometimes I felt as if the names meant something, but I couldn't quite put it together to understand exactly what the meaning was. The professor seemed to approve of everything I was saying.

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