Dream of: 17 February 1993 "Inadequate Church"

conquer your primal nature

I had fallen asleep while sitting at a table in a classroom full of people. When I awoke, I found a number of people sitting at my table, including my wife Carolina sitting next to me on my left. We were studying some magazine articles, and it suddenly occurred to me that I should be a journalistic reporter. I would enjoy traveling to different places for stories.

As I glanced at a small magazine on the table in front of me, I thought I might even become an editor.

I had some spare time at the moment to work as a journalist. I might even quit my present job to have more time. Carolina was also thinking of becoming a journalist. I could later say that she got the idea from me, although I knew she would later say I had gotten the idea from her.

Although we were in a room, it seemed as if we were out in the open in a town in Mexico. Not far from the town was a giant volcano which had been erupting for several days. Beautiful, black clouds of smoke were billowing up from the volcano. Scientists had predicted this would be the last day the volcano would be erupting.

I pointed out to Carolina how the smoke would spew out, stop, then spew out again. The volcano appeared to be making its final gasps. Black flames even occasionally appeared to spew from the volcano. I was awed by the beauty.

More people in cars drove up and I heard someone scream. Earlier some kind of flying animal had emerged from the volcano. Now what appeared to be a gigantic lobster came out of the volcano and reached down the side, trying to grab people at the bottom with its pinchers. It looked as if the lobster had already grabbed some people. One fellow was trapped, but somehow managed to escape.

When I jumped up and ran toward the threatened people, I lost sight of the lobster. I thought the others and I might be able to run into an empty building. I saw a large church and thought we might run into it, but I decided it was too open and the lobster might come into it; so I didn't enter.

I suddenly realized I had left Carolina behind. I turned, ran back and hollered her name twice. I wanted to find her so we could hide somewhere together.

Dream Commentary of June 30, 2015

Although the Dream Journal might at first seem, like a church, to be a place of refuge, in reality the Dream Journal, like a church, is such an open place, it is hardly a place where one can hide one's primitive self.

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