Dream of: 01 February 1993 "Exotic Animals"

Carolina and I had gone to Joe Green's (a Dallas computer consultant) business, where a class about computers and computer networks was going to be held. We walked into a large room and sat down. Green, his employee Craig, and a couple other people who worked for Green were in the room. Green asked us how we liked the network system we had bought from him. I said, "We just love it."

We talked about the network for a while. I was very happy with it. In fact, I liked it so much, I was considering even going to work with Green, perhaps working for him in his computer business.


Carolina and I were in a large room at Green's where about 30 other people were sitting in chairs waiting for a class to begin to learn to use computers. We were all given some computer material with which to work. It appeared there would be several all day sessions.


I was in the classroom, which contained a bunch of green plants. Green turned loose some exotic animals which ran all around the classroom. While Carolina and I sat at the side of the room, a large tiger walked up to us. Although all the animals were supposed to be tame, I had doubts about the tiger. Carolina petted the tiger, then I petted it some on its white nose. It almost felt like a stuffed animal. I was concerned it might bite one of us.

When Carolina petted the animal, I saw it was a large black bear. When I looked at it closer, I thought the animal might actually be an orangutan.

Finally the tiger clamped down on one of my fingers in its mouth. It didn't bite hard, but it startled me and I pulled away from it. I thought we should go tell Green the animals might be biting people.

Carolina and I walked around, finally running in to someone who worked here. The person asked if an animal had bitten us. I didn't want to get any of the animals in trouble. I explained what had happened, and that the animal hadn't really bitten me.

Since the place almost seemed like a zoo, I asked someone if Green bred the animals here. It occurred to me I might like to get involved in breeding animals, not just raising them.


Carolina and I were standing on a balcony on the second floor. Below us we could see an enclosed courtyard. A black animal was running back and forth in the courtyard. I finally realized it was a small black dog which I had seen before. I thought I might go down and pet it.


I was in the courtyard. But now instead of the dog, another animal was running around. It was only about five centimeters long. Behind it was another animal, apparently its baby, only about three centimeters long. It was four legged, and had no hair. When I touched its flesh, it was very soft.

When I picked up the baby in my hand, some white substance came out of it. I thought I might have squeezed it too hard, but finally concluded that some kind of excrement had come out of it. The white stuff was all over my hands. Finally I put the animal down and tried to get the white stuff off my hands.

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