Dream of: 29 January 1993 "Wyland"

Carolina was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car which I was driving. We were looking for something in a residential area of Dallas. I wanted to go to a neighboring town called Wyland, but Carolina wanted to continue our search here in Dallas. We first drove down a street, then turned around and came back up the other way. I carefully looked at the houses, wondering if this might be a nice area in which to live. The houses looked rather common place and I didn't care for the neighborhood. I asked Carolina what she thought and she indicated she wasn't interested either.

Some houses had been converted to be partially used as businesses. One house had a furniture sign in front of it, and Carolina commented about some gawky furniture in the window. In a bay window of another house a sign advertised a man selling insurance. It crossed my mind that I could put a law office in the house, but I didn't want to do that.

Finally we got out of the car and began walking. We came to the corner of busy street in a commercial area. I thought perhaps Wyland was on one side of the street, and Dallas was on the other side.

We continued our walk until we came to a building which appeared to be a bank, and we walked through the open doors so Carolina could ask someone for directions. As soon as we were inside, I realized I had been here once before. I remembered that Carolina and I had been lost once before, and we had gone into this same bank.

I immediately noticed many large, impressive sculptures of animals placed around the sides of the large room into which we had walked. The animals were made of strips of black metal, perhaps steel, which had been welded together. I saw two large whales, each about 10 meters long. I also saw a large bear and a tiger.

On one side of the room were some employees seated and working at their desks. I felt embarrassed just walking around looking at the sculptures. As we continued I came upon a machine which could make the animals move one at a time. However all the animals could be made to move at once by pressing a button on the machine which said, "Demo." I didn't want to bother with the machine, but Carolina insisted on trying the Demo button. She pushed it and all the animals began moving.

Several other people who were apparently tourists became excited and began taking pictures. Then the men in the bank looked up as if they were interested in what was going on. It was comical to me that old men could become interested in the sight.

In the meantime, Carolina had walked over to the door. I was about to follow her, when I realized that for some reason I couldn't move. I looked behind me to see what was stopping me. Part of the exhibit contained a pool of water. I was wearing a long, purplish-black cape, and part of my cape was in the water. The cape had absorbed so much water, it was preventing me from moving. I turned around, pulled the cape out of the water and began ringing it out with my hands. As I did so, I saw another part of my cape in the water, and I had to pull it out and ring it.

I was embarrassed that some of the water fell on the floor, and that some spilled on my pants in front, making it look as if I had peed my pants. Finally I had rung out enough so I could walk. I began walking toward Carolina so we could leave.

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