Dream of: 20 January 1993 "Living Close To A Church"

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 While my wife Carolina and I were in Germany, I was looking at a map and trying to decide where we were going to live in Germany. We had found a little town, which I was trying to locate on the map. I knew it was close to a city named "Dorn," which turned out to be up near the North Sea. Unfortunately, I wanted to live closer to the center of Germany.

Looking closer at the map, I saw pictures of buildings which actually rose up out of the map. I noticed large cathedrals and churches, and I thought I might like to live close to one of those, but I told Carolina that I wanted to go down closer to the center of Germany.

We stopped in the little town and visited a small factory where something was being manufactured. I sat down and watched unhappy-looking people working in the factory. One fellow (only about 20 years old) wore a scowl on his face.

I saw a gigantic wooden cabinet. Along one side of the cabinet was a lot of very pretty, fancy carving which couldn't be seen because the cabinet was pushed over to the side. This seemed to somewhat reflect what was taking place here, that people had pushed the artistic over to the side. This realization made me think I really didn't want to stay in this place.

When we started traveling again, I thought that where I really wanted to live was in Zurich, Switzerland. We should just go ahead and go there. I liked the area of Zurich because three languages were spoken there – French, German and Italian. Thus living there would be very interesting. I would be able to learn some Italian. Zurich was the place I really wanted to go.

I knew this was going to be an important move, because I didn't want to move again. I just wanted to find one place and settle down there.

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