Dream of: 19 January 1993 "Raising Kuala Bears"

I had gone to a ranch-style house to live in a room which the owners of the house were making available for me. When I met the attractive woman who lived here, it occurred to me she and I would probably have an affair. Even though she had children who lived in the house, I thought she and I could wait until the children left before having our affair. When she showed me through the house, I saw I would be sleeping in a room right next to hers. I thought when everyone left in the morning, I would probably go to her room and get in bed with her.

As I looked around the bedroom where I would be sleeping, I noticed water had leaked on the floor. So much water had leaked on the floor that the wood had rotted away, leaving a large hole in the floor. Obviously the hole would have to be fixed.

She allowed me to roam around the house to see what it was like. In a room which looked like a living room, I saw quite a few paperback books on shelves. I also saw a set of small red encyclopedias, each one only about 15 centimeters tall. I counted eight or nine of the little encyclopedia books. One of the encyclopedias had a dust cover with a picture of a head of an Indian on it. Since the last encyclopedia was numbered 16, I knew some of the books in the set were missing. I began looking through the other books to see if I could find the rest of the set. I might like to buy the little set of encyclopedias from the woman, but I wanted to make sure the set was complete. But there were just so many books, I was unable to find the rest of the set.

As I looked, I thought I might also find a book which I would like to read. I also noticed around 10 old eight track tapes. I might want to look at those to see if any were collectable. I looked through them, and then also saw some cassette tapes. I also looked through a couple large boxes of paperback books.

The woman walked into the room and announced her daughter had returned home. The daughter then walked into the room. She was a rather homely girl, in her late teens. The girl and I talked and she asked me what I would like to be doing with my life. I told her it might sound crazy, but I would like to raise kuala bears. She and I further discussed the possibility of my raising kuala bears.

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