Dream of: 08 January 1993 (2) "Living In The Courthouse"

I had rented a furnished room in a large house where I would be living. I was happy to see the room was a corner room, because I thought a corner room would have less noise. The room didn't have a bathroom. The bathroom was down the hall; another room was between my room and the bathroom.

Carolina was with me, but it was unclear whether she would be staying here with me.

One entire wall was covered with shelves. The room also had a fireplace and I climbed up on the mantel so I could better see the shelves. Carolina said I might break the mantel if I climbed up on it. I climbed anyway and the mantel didn't break. Now I could see on the higher shelves. There was quite a bit of junk there. I saw some books and two large blankets. Some other junk was also there. It looked as if it all needed to be cleaned off. I thought I needed to clean it.

I climbed back down, picked up a scrub brush and began cleaning the walls, the floor and the woodwork. The walls were already fairly clean. I used some ammonium-based substance to clean with. I thought I would have to scrub two or three times to remove all the dirt.

The room was small and modest but I thought I would enjoy it.

A door went from the room to the bathroom, but the door was blocked off. I thought I would like to have the door opened, so I could walk right into the bathroom without having to go out into the hall.


The next morning Carolina and I were lying in bed. Through a small window we could see out into the hall. I saw that the cleaning woman was coming, and I thought she probably came every morning to clean the room. I asked Carolina to go to the door and ask the woman to return later. Carolina did so and the woman left.

It seemed to me that I had something that I needed to be doing with my life, although I wasn't completely clear what it was. However I knew that while I was living in this modest room, I would have a chance to do what I was supposed to be doing.


I was sitting in my room, looking through a book about criminal law. It was colorful, even containing pictures, and with large print. It looked interesting and readable. There was a map of the United States. The map showed which states had adopted what was referred to as a "notorious" rule. I was unsure of the nature of the rule, but I noticed that Ohio had adopted the rule.

As I was reading, it began to occur to me that my room was actually in a courthouse, and that there was a courtroom right next door. As I thought about it, a fellow walked into my room and I began talking with him. He had just pled guilty to the charge of DWI and had received a deferred adjudication probation. He also told me he was charged with another misdemeanor, and he was afraid there might be a warrant out for his arrest. He asked me what he should do about it. I concluded he only had two choices if there was a warrant out for him. First, he could simply do nothing and wait until he was arrested. Or, second, he could go ahead and turn himself in.

Another fellow walked into the room and handed me a small metal world globe, about 15 centimeters in diameter, and then left. I held the globe firmly in my right hand. Just then, Mullin (a Weatherford, Texas district court judge) walked in. I turned to Mullin and told him I had such a firm grip on the globe, that he couldn't take it out of my hand. I had a special way of holding the globe so it couldn't be taken. Mullin grabbed the globe with both hands. He began squeezing and pulling on the globe. He squeezed so hard he actually crushed the globe. He tried two or three times, but each time he failed to pull the glove from me.

The fellow who had given me the globe walked back into the room. I showed the globe to the fellow and asked him if he thought he could pull it from me. He grabbed the globe, and somehow put his fingers on it in such a way that he was able to immediately pull it from me. I was surprised the fellow had been able to take the globe from me, but at least Mullin hadn't been able to do it. When Mullin saw what had happened, I explained it by saying that my fingers had become tired.

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