Dream of: 08 January 1993 "At The Opera"

Carolina and I were in the waiting room of an opera, looking at the prices. We already had tickets for seats, but I wanted better seats: I wanted to be right down front. The seats we had were back toward the rear. The prices didn't look bad, so I stepped up to the window and said that I wanted two of the highest priced seats. At the same time I decided to buy some tickets for the next coming opera.

At the bottom of the window was a small slot. I bent over my head down toward the slot. But just then an obese man walked up and stood in my way. I asked him if he would move, then I pushed him away. He seemed greatly offended by my action and he said something to me. But I didn't pay much attention to him. Carolina and I walked on in.

As we walked down the aisle toward the front, I saw that my tickets were in row 1-1. I thought that meant I was in the very first row; but it turned out that we were in the eleventh row. And when we began looking for our seats, we discovered that that they were far over on one side, not right in the middle where I had hoped they would be.

When we sat down, I realized our seats were rather low, so low we couldn't see all the action on the high stage. These were terrible seats. The ones which we originally had back toward the back would have probably been better.

Besides that, the only people around us were children.

I sat and watched as the good seats in the center area began to fill up. I was becoming quite upset. I thought I needed to go back to the front counter and explain that we had wanted seats right in the middle, that the seats we had were unacceptable.

Before I could do anything, however, the show began. It looked as if it were a preliminary show before the actual opera, more like a ballet. People were dancing around on the stage. One fellow walked up to the front of the stage quite close to us. Suddenly seven or eight people dressed completely in black, wearing black capes, walked up and surrounded him. It was unclear what was going on. Some other people came to the front of the stage. Then some of the people on the stage picked up a woman and threw her sideways straight out into the audience. Two people in the audience stood up and caught her. But I thought how disastrous it would have been if they would have missed her.

There was also a runway which extended from the stage out into the audience. Some people walked out on the runway and began doing some movements. But I still didn't think the show had actually started. Many people hadn't yet taken their seats.

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