Dream of: 06 January 1993 "What About Hell?"

I had been attending some high school classes because I had never graduated from high school, and to enter college, I needed to first graduate from high school. It was around December, and I had been going to school for about half a year. I had already missed so many days of school, if I missed one more, I wouldn't graduate. And I still had half a year to go. I was already sick of the whole thing.

I talked to my second wife Carolina one day and told her that I was sick of it and that I didn't want to go to school anymore. Going to school was costing money, and if I attended college, I would have to pay money for that. The whole thing simply seemed like a big waste to me. I concluded that if I simply wanted to learn, I could still learn and put the money to better use.

I hadn't been reading the lessons before going to classes and at first I had been concerned that the teachers would call on me and ask questions, but it seemed as if the teachers never called on anyone.

One day in class a man was teaching, and I began wondering if I should simply engage him in conversation. I thought perhaps we could learn something simply by talking.

Another day a woman was running the class. On that day I decided I was actually going to start talking. The woman was talking about punishment and she seemed to be denying the concept of punishment. Even while she was talking, I asked, "What about hell?"

She gave me a sharp looked and finished what she was saying. She then seemed angry, and told me not to use the word "hell" in the classroom, but I defied her and I used the word again, asking her if she were trying to say there was no hell. When the woman replied that people didn't believe in the concept of hell, I asked, "What about Dante's Inferno?"

I went on to say that the Christian religion certainly believed in a heaven and hell and that most people believed in a heaven and hell. I told her I thought that polls would show that probably 70 % of people believed in hell. I told her if she polled the very classroom we were in (about 30 students were in the class) she would find that probably 70 % of the students believed in hell.

I was relishing the discussion. I could see the irony of the situation. If the woman were to take a poll of the class, I would have to say I didn't believe in hell, because I didn't. I was simply trying to point out that many people did believe in hell.

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