Dream of: 04 January 1993 "Irreplaceable Pictures"

I was at the Fort Worth Rock House (which was made of wood instead of rock) with my father, my mother, and my brother Chris. I looked out the window and saw a large black cloud forming in the sky, presaging a storm. Looking toward the western horizon, I spotted a gigantic funnel cloud and hollered out, "Tornado!"

The others hurried outside toward wooden doors which closed overtop a basement. After pulling open the doors, everyone headed down the stairs to the basement. I also walked to the basement stairs and began descending. I only descended part way, however, keeping my head high enough so I could see the fearful tornado coming closer and closer. When the funnel cloud was only about three meters away, I pulled the basement door closed over top of me.

Inside the basement we could hear the noise of the tornado above. I did not want to get close to some glass jars in the basement; I worried that if the wind drove down into the basement, the jars might break and cut me.

When the tornado finally stopped, we opened the doors and walked back upstairs. The House was still standing, but things were badly damaged. Parts of the House were missing. Massive destruction.

Since we were only renting the House, we wondered whether we should stay there to try to fix it up, or whether we should move somewhere else. I didn't want to stay. The House was in such a shambles, I just wanted to move.

While the rest of my family boarded a car to leave, I walked through the House one last time. Amidst the destruction, a large oval picture of my grandfather Liston and my grandmother Leacy was hanging on one wall. I also saw another old oval picture. I took both pictures off the wall and walked out toward the car. When the others saw me coming, I could tell they were glad I had saved the irreplaceable pictures.

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