Dream of: 29 December 1992 "Cutting Fishing Lines"

On the Gallia County Farm, in the area of the old swimming hole, I found a half dozen fishing lines in the water. I had a pair of scissors with me, and since no one was around, I began cutting the lines. I cut four lines; however the other two were a little farther down away from me. Since I was afraid someone might see me, I stopped. Just as I was leaving, I could see the man who owned the lines returning . He was over a kilometer away, in the field towards the Farmhouse. I hurried on, wanting to leave before he arrived.

I left in the direction away from the Farmhouse. The creek was beginning to rise. The water was beginning to flow much more rapidly. I wanted to cross the creek, and I found a place where I thought I could do so. However, I soon found myself stuck in mud, and finally ended up floating down the creek. Up ahead of me were some rapids. I didn't want to go in that area, but I couldn't keep from floating toward the rapids. (The creek was flowing in the opposite direction from the way it normally flowed). Just before I reached the rapids, I grabbed a large rock which was jutting up out of the water. I climbed up to the top of the rock, where it was flat. There I found a revolver, which looked similar to my Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver. I also saw some small books lying on top of the rock.

I quickly glanced around me. Some other people were camping in the area; maybe these items belonged to the campers. But I didn't want anybody to be camping up here. So I quickly grabbed the revolver and the books, and jumped off the rock onto the bank. I began making my way out of here. I wanted to discourage anybody from fishing or hunting on the Farm. I wanted to leave quickly, before anyone had discovered what I had done.

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