Dream of: 27 December 1992 (4) "Skiing In Control"

I was atop a snow-covered mountain. I was thinking of building a house on the mountain. I had several different images of houses in my mind. The one I wanted to build would be a long house. One design I was thinking about was putting some logs above the ground, and having a house underneath the logs below the ground. Another design was a pretty house with large windows.

I was wearing skis, and I decided to go skiing on the snow. I took off skiing. I didn't have any poles, but I was doing an excellent job of skiing. I was racing around the mountain, which was a bit steep. But I was in control, even though I was going quite fast. I was enjoying myself.

Finally I came to an upward slope, which had no snow on it, but was covered with grass. I could see a house sitting at the top of the slope. I didn't stop, but simply continued skiing over the grass, right up to the house. It was a wooden house. I skied up to the back door, where I saw a page of a newspaper lying by the door. I wondered why anyone would have left the newspaper there. I thought it might be a sign of something. I picked it up and began looking at the different articles on it.

One article was about a car from a train. The car had been used as part of a house. I thought that perhaps this was the very house, and that this house had been built around the train car.

Finally a man came out. When he opened the door I could see inside into a garage. Sitting in the garage was an old truck which appeared to be constructed completely of wood. The truck was impressive. It was made of light-colored wood. I said something to the man about the truck, but he was gruff and didn't want to talk with me. on the ground. Since the man didn't seem to want to talk with me, I turned and began skiing back down the slope.

I went over a bump and flew up into the air. I came down in a small gully, but then guided myself back over to the slope. Several big rocks were lying on the ground. I managed to miss them, but I became concerned that if I weren't careful, I could crash into one of the large rocks.

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