Dream of: 27 December 1992 (3) "Gigantic Meteor"

I was with a group of people who were investing in a railroad. There were five of us. We had all gotten out on the side of a road to discuss the proposal which a woman had of opening her own railroad. There were two women, two men, and myself. We were all in our 40s. All of us were slender and of good appearance.

One fellow began complaining that he wanted special treatment in our project, just because of who he was.

We boarded a car, and the woman who was going to be in charge was driving. I was in the front passenger seat. The two men were in the back, with the other woman between them. The fellow who wanted the special treatment was sitting on the back on the right. The woman driving said the fellow who wanted the special treatment might be able to receive it. It depended on how much money he was giving. If he gave a large sum of money, he might actually receive special treatment. She was talking about a sum of money such as 30 million dollars. But the man said he was only going to give $300,000. The woman driving said, "Well, we might make you director of personnel."

She mentioned some other office which the man might hold. But clearly neither office was very important, because it was apparent that the man wasn't contributing much, and that he didn't deserve a high office.

Everyone was dressed in garb which looked as if it might have come from the 1890s. And it seemed as if we were back in that same era.

The fellow causing the problems was wearing round wire-framed silver glasses. He finally shut up, obviously not going to say much more.

The woman driving had somewhat of a crush on me. I had my hand on the back of the seat, and I felt the woman in the back touch it, and I began holding her hand. The woman in the back was the one I really liked. She didn't have much money to put into the project. But I really liked her and I continued holding her hand.

As we continued down the road. suddenly up ahead we saw a flash of light. It seemed as if I were watching what was going on from outside the car. A meteor had struck the earth. It was a gigantic meteor which I could see from above.

When we had originally been standing beside the road, we had been with another group of people who had been involved in the first train. Those people had then traveled on. I thought the meteor had probably killed the other people.

I could also look down and see our car. I could see that some debris was coming off the meteor, and that our car was also in danger of being hit.

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