Dream of: 27 December 1992 (2) "The Promised Day"

I was the leader of country. I had driven to a place where a large group of people were gathering for a major event, a spiritual happening. When I arrived, I stood in front of an extremely large pool of water. I stood up on a high bank, high above the water, and I called out, "Today is the day we've been promised!"

I knew that something miraculous was supposed to happen on this day. My legs began to feel so wobbly, I could no longer stand. I slipped and fell down into the water. Once in the water, I was able to stand on the bottom with my head above the water. I felt as if the sky were going to open, and something was going to be revealed to me. It felt somewhat as if I were being baptized, as if I were in the waters of baptism. But as I looked around, I realized I was the only person here. Everyone else had already left.

Suddenly I realized the "promised day" to which I had been referring when I had hollered out, was the day of my death. I even thought it might be possible that I had already died. I immediately realized I wasn't ready to die. Suddenly I was afraid. I knew I had been promised death, and that my death would happen someday, but I felt that I was just not ready for it yet.

Nevertheless, I seemed to feel myself leaving my body, floating up into the air. I felt myself floating up, apparently into another existence. But I felt frightened. I knew I wasn't yet ready for this.

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