Dream of: 27 December 1992 "Creature From Another World"

As I walked into a building, another man ran out, screaming, "Get her away from me! Get her away from me!"

I looked in and saw that he was referring to Kim, who was standing there. Only she didn't even look like a person. I could make out her face, but the rest of her body looked like pieces of paper somehow strung together with strings or wires. The little pieces of paper were less than a centimeter in diameter. She looked as if she had a hundred small arms, made of the paper, waving in the wind.

I was close enough to her so she was able to grab me with the arms. We both fell to the ground on our sides. Obviously she wanted to be with me. I wasn't frightened, as the other fellow had been. He had thought she had been trying to attack him, but she hadn't. Nevertheless I felt as if she had a powerful grip on me, the way she was holding me.

I felt as if I would like to have sex with her, if it were possible. It seemed as if she also wanted to have sex, but it appeared as if it would only be possible if I mounted her from behind. We began moving around, and I wondered if she wanted me to have sex in her butt, or whether I would be able to reach her vagina from behind.

I moved around and got on her from behind and began hunching her. I had on my clothes, and I hadn't taken out my penis, but she was obviously enjoying the affair. She seemed ecstatic. I was also enjoying myself, even though she seemed like a creature from another world.

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