Dream of: 26 December 1992 (3) "New Law Office"

I was planning to open a law office in Gallipolis. I had already rented two rooms in an office building. One room was right behind the other. I had a couch in the office, and Carolina and I were making love on the couch. When we finished, even though she was naked, I had her go out in the hallway for something. Before she could return, someone from one of the other offices saw her naked. When she walked back in, I was concerned that people would come in to see what was going on. I told her to hide in the closet in the back room.

Just as she got into the closet, I heard someone come into the front room. I pulled up my pants and zipped them up as I walked into the front room. I found about five men and women standing there. One black man was among them. They were obviously lawyers in the same building, and apparently were about the only other lawyers in town. I knew they were going to be important people in Gallipolis. Clearly they wanted to know who I was and how I came to be here.

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