Dream of: 26 December 1992 (2) "Attic Hiding-Place"

While several people and I were sitting in the kitchen of my father's huge Gay Street House in Portsmouth, we all began smoking a marijuana joint. I passed the joint around once and when other people came in, I passed it around again. As the room filled with smoke, I at first wondered if somebody was going to offer a hit to a tall well-built man with black hair (who appeared to be in his 40s) who was standing by the stove. Then I noticed the man was wearing a police uniform. He was wearing shorts, but they were police shorts. He looked around, then left.

I immediately became worried that he might return and try to arrest everyone, so I decided to try to hide up in the attic. I knew a place up there where I could crawl under the floor of the attic and hide. I hurried up to the attic, but when I reached it, the attic seemed to have changed and I couldn't find the place for which I was looking. I continued searching for the hiding-place, fearing the policeman would show up in the attic at any time.

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