Dream of: 26 December 1992 "Newspaper Reporter"

I was training to be a reporter, and I had gone out with a man training me. The man looked like Dustin Hoffman. This was only the second time I had been with him. The first time he had handled everything.

The two of us took an elevator to a high floor of an office building. On the way up, I tried to remember for whom I was working. I couldn't remember whether it was the Chicago Sun or the Chicago Daily Times. I thought it was important for me to know, and I leafed through a notebook I had.

I got off the elevator before the other man, and I walked up to a counter. A woman at the counter wanted to know why I was here. I knew the building was a bank building, and we were doing a story about a person who apparently had been killed on one of the lower floors. I told the woman that I was a reporter, that this was a newsworthy event and that if we were the first ones here, we certainly wouldn't be the last. I was sure other people would be following. We just happened to be the first ones here. I told the woman the name of the person I wanted to see. She told me the person wasn't here. I immediately felt bad, thinking I had wasted the whole day and would be returning with nothing. I was quite upset.

I needed to use the bathroom. I saw a sign for a bathroom and walked over to it. I saw a door which said "Men" and I walked toward it. But it turned out to just be the door to one stall. Another man was also approaching the stall, but I reached it before he did. I pushed the swing door to the stall open, walked in, pulled my pants down and sat down on the commode.

After sitting here for a short while, I looked up and saw the man peering over the stall door at me. I jumped up, pushed the door open and grabbed the man by the throat. I began running with him holding him by the throat. I passed through a door and found myself in a field. I saw a couple soldiers dressed in light brown uniforms in the field and I ran toward them. I thought I would turn the man over to the soldiers. Maybe they would be able to arrest him.

I looked down and saw I was only wearing a pair of white underwear. They were pulled down so the top of my pubic hairs was visible. But my penis was covered.

I noticed some brown liquid coming out of the man's mouth onto my right hand. Suddenly he began to vomit. I sped up, trying to reach the soldiers.

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