Dream of: 25 December 1992 (3) "Pretty Animal"

I was sitting in an office when a black man and woman walked in. I was their attorney and I had already filed bankruptcy for them; they were coming in for their second appointment. I was sitting at a desk and they sat down across from me. I had my computer on my left and I was getting ready to type the information into the computer. I asked them if they had brought back the paper which showed their income and expenses. The man said he had forgotten to bring the paper, but when I looked through the papers which I had, I saw that I already had the paper. I remembered they had filled out the paper the last time they had been there. I even recalled that I had given them extra time in the waiting room to fill out the paper. I still hadn't typed the information into the computer, so I began doing so.

On the first line the man had put down a "crutch" as an item of expense of $78 per month; apparently he used crutches. I thought the item should go under medical expenses, and I asked him if he had any other medical expenses.

I continued typing the rest of the information. It was beginning to look as if they might end up having some money left over. I didn't particularly like these people, and I had already decided  I wasn't going to go out of my way to arrange it so they wouldn't have to pay as much.


I was riding in the back seat of my red 1986 BMW which the same black woman from my office was driving. The black man was also in the front seat. As we rode along, we came to a stream. The woman didn't slow down. Another car in front of us plowed through the stream. Our car then followed the first car into the stream. On the other side of the stream we began going up a steep hill. I was concerned because the woman seemed to be driving recklessly.


The black man was now driving the car. He pulled into the parking lot of a post office. Just as we pulled in, I noticed Louise walking in the parking lot. Dressed in white, she looked young and pretty. I wondered if she saw me, and whether she remembered she was the person who had sold me this car. I felt proud, because it was a nice car.

The parking lot had yellow lines to show the parking spaces. The man tried to park the car, but he couldn't do it right. He parked the car right in the middle of one of the yellow lines. When he finally backed up, I explained to him how to park the car. He finally got it right, and I got out of the car.

Some animals had also been in the car with me, and when I got out, a couple animals also jumped out. One was a very pretty, white four-legged animal. It stood in the parking lot as people looked at it. It was about the size of a sheep or goat, although it was neither. I tried to catch it to put back in the car.

The other animal which jumped out of the car was gray and about a meter tall. It resembled a teddy bear, only it was alive. It grabbed me. It was quite cuddly. The animals were pretty and loving. I was proud to have them and I hoped Louise saw them.


I was in the post office, trying to buy a check to send to someone. The check was to be for $500 and I had a $500 bill with which to pay for the check. The $500 bill was colorful and it didn't look like a regular bill. I had also filled out a form which showed that I wanted to purchase the check. I walked up to the window and handed the form and the $500 bill to the woman behind the counter. She did something to the form and handed it back to me. Apparently the form wasn't a negotiable instrument which I could send to someone. However I was still somewhat skeptical that she had done everything properly. But apparently she had, because she took the $500 bill and kept it.

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