Dream of: 25 December 1992 (2) "Broken Down"

Two other fellows and I were on the side of a highway, where our car had broken down. Someone told us to get out of the car, so the three of us got out. One fellow said he had some dope. I inquired further and learned the dope was heroin. He asked me if I wanted to shoot up any. I asked him if he was sure it was heroin, and he said he was. I had only shot up dope once in my life and I didn't really want to do it again, but I thought I still might do it.


The three of us had reached the house of another fellow and his wife and had walked in. We were talking to the man and his wife, and they mentioned something about some LSD. I was immediately interested. I hadn't done any LSD in a long time, and I knew I would like to do some again. I mentioned to them that every time I went to see Phil Lane to buy some marijuana, I always asked him if he had any LSD. However I hadn't done any LSD in years. I told them I would very much like to do some.

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