Dream of: 25 December 1992 "Giggling Sound"

I was on a college campus. I wanted to walk around and investigate the place a bit. I reached a part of the campus which contained an old building about five stories tall. I wanted to go up to the top of the building so I could look out on the surroundings. When I walked inside, I saw that the building had been abandoned. Nevertheless I decided to climb the stairs.

I continued climbing, until I was just about to reach the fifth floor. Now however, I discovered that someone had blocked the way with some pieces of plasterboard. I suddenly became frightened. What a precarious position I was in. No one else was around to help me if someone would attack me. Realizing the danger, I turned tail and ran back down the stairs.

As I hurried back down the stairs, although I was in a rush, nevertheless at one point I took time to hold onto the rails on both sides of me with both hands, and raise myself up in the air as if I were doing a handstand.

As I passed the second floor on the way down, I heard a giggling sound, reinforcing my fear that someone was in the building. I suspected a vagrant was using the building as a place to sleep.

When I reached the bottom floor, I was thinking about where I would go next. I thought there was a place on campus which had some kind of program for war veterans. I knew I was a veteran, and I had even killed 20 people in a war. I might want to participate in the program for veterans. But I first needed to exit this building, which was still frightening me.

I ran outside. At first I didn't see anyone else around, but then I began noticing a few people. I also noticed some sand dunes in the distance. They were on the university campus. I thought I might like to climb them later.

The surroundings where I was seemed rather bleak, as if the place had been abandoned. But I noticed an oriental fellow (probably in his 20s) who had a white toy car about a third of a meter long. It looked like a small jeep. The fellow was controlling the car by remote control , causing it to skirt about on the ground. It looked as if he were going to aim the car at me; but he didn't. I thought he was probably a college student here.

The area was enclosed and I would have to pass through the door of the enclosure to return into the general area where the other people were. A man was coming into the enclosure through the door. Not wanting him to see me, I backed up into a recess where I could hide. Nevertheless he appeared startled and I thought he must have seen me. I noticed another exit and I headed toward it.

Once I was outside the enclosure, I began thinking again about the veterans' programs on campus. I was thinking it might be possible to use the abandoned building for some veterans' programs. However I knew it was going to be difficult to justify new programs for veterans, when so many others had needs.

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