Dream of: 20 December 1992 "Swampy Area"

I was looking at a map which showed where I lived in the Fort Worth Rock House. I realized the county in which I lived was in the shape of a square, but it wasn't square according to the compass. It was more of a 45 degree angle with the compass. I had originally thought going straight across the county would take me due east. I now realized that wasn't correct.

I noticed a lake on the map, and an ocean, and a peninsula out in the ocean. It was about 60 kilometers from the Rock House. I hadn't been aware of that before, and I thought I might like to go to the peninsula and investigate the area. I would like to take Carolina there. I noticed a river with a bridge across it on the map.


I had walked out into a field behind a white, frame house in which I was living. Carolina was in the house, and I was just about to leave. I walked along a path, until I strayed from it, and stepped into some water. I realized the field was flooded, and I had to jump onto some rocks to cross the wet area. I still got my shoes wet.

A couple cars were in the field. They appeared to be stuck in the swampy area. I walked toward them to get a closer look. I thought someone might have stolen them and stripped them there. When I reached them, I jumped onto the back of one. I could see inside. It looked as if the radio was still there. I thought I might pull it out. But I decided not to and I jumped down.

Just then a truck pulled up. It looked as if one man and several children were in the truck. I felt vulnerable out here by myself. I was carrying a large, thick book. I began jogging along, passed the truck and continued on toward the house. When I was close to the house, I hollered out for Carolina, "Babe!"

I heard her holler back, "What?"

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