Dream of: 15 December 1992 "Dividing In Two"

As I was driving a small car through Mexico, I looked outside and noticed a man sitting outside my car on top of the left rear fender, close to the door. I was driving fast, 50-60 miles per hour. I finally concluded the man was simply hitching a ride, that this was a Mexican method of doing so.

It was growing dark outside as I drew close to Mexico City. I drove up the side of the last mountain, and when I reached the top, I had a spectacular view of Mexico City in the valley below. It was night and the entire city was lit up. I slowed down so I could see better. There were different sections of lights, some sections lighter, some sections darker, as if I were looking down on different fields of crops. Different-colored lights blended into each other, blue into red, in a fabulous display.

I suddenly realized I had missed my turn on top of the mountain, and I was traveling precariously close to the edge. I was now no longer driving, but was walking and had my brother Chris with me. The Mexican man was still with me, walking along behind me a little bit higher up the mountain. I asked him if he could help me with Chris, if I could give Chris to him. I began trying to hand Chris up to the man. I managed to hand Chris up to the man, but I immediately realized that as I had done so, Chris had divided into two: there were now two Chrises – one with the man, and one still with me. I was close to falling off the edge of the mountain myself. I held on as well as I could, to try to keep the second Chris and myself from falling off the mountain.

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